entitles you to hardware support for any manufacturing issues

AppleCare+ will appear in the AppleCare+ section and you will know when your AppleCare is expiring. It will tell you when your AppleCare expires if you do not have it. AppleCare+ covers two accidental incidents and manufacturer problems per year, as long as the deductible is paid. AppleCare+ is a great idea for those who are prone to accidents and need a way to fix their phone if they damage it. I am a minimalist who has an app issue. I like to try new apps. I especially love writing apps and those that help me to stay organized. But I find myself managing dozens or folders of apps. In the end, I deleted them.

You can choose to delete an app or remove it from your home screen by selecting Remove App in a dialogue box when you select Remove App after long pressing on the icon. The icon will remain in your App Library even if you delete it from the home screen (swipe to the left until you get there). It is possible to iPhone price in Srilanka add the icon back later, by reverse-swiping. Press and hold the app icon in the App Library and select Add to home screen.

If you wish to arrange your layouts on the home screen, you can also move entire screens without having to change individual icons. Tap and hold on the dots at the bottom of the screen to see how many screens are available. After a few seconds, the icons will start to jiggle. You will then see your entire home screen. Uncheck the ones that you don’t want to see, or move the rectangles around to change their order.

If you hold down a message or a group of messages, several options will appear, including the option to Pin. If you select this option, the message thread that was selected will be stuck at the top of the list, over all other messages including any new ones. This can be done with multiple people or groups and makes it easier to locate the people who you speak to most often.

You can disable Touch ID or Face ID very quickly if you are worried that authorities will force you to use biometrics to unlock your device. Press and hold both the volume up and down buttons for two seconds on iPhone 8 or later.

This will display a screen that allows you to turn off your phone, view your Medical ID and go to Emergency SOS. This screen also disables biometrics, so you will need to enter your passcode to unlock the phone. Low Power Mode reduces background tasks to conserve battery when your iPhone’s battery is running low. Your iPhone will present you with a Low Power Mode suggestion popup when it dips below 20%. Shortcuts can be used to automate Low Power Mode so that it comes on at higher battery percentages.

You’re trying to type using one thumb. Apple’s default iOS keyboard allows you to choose whether it is oriented left or right. If you hold your finger down on the globe icon or the emoji at the bottom (if you installed three keyboards, the globe will appear), you’ll get a pop-up with a choice of ‘left or right’ keyboard.

Apple’s iOS 16 upgrade completely revamped Apple’s Lock Screen. It introduced customizable wallpapers, widgets and time. Choose from a variety of wallpapers, including some interactive ones, select useful widgets for the Lock Screen and change the color and look of the clock.

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